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Boreal GeoSciences is an independent geophysics company founded in 2007 (formerly Arctic Geophysics Inc.). We specialize in geophysical services primarily in placer and mineral exploration, permafrost monitoring, sediment layering, aggregates and civil engineering.

We offer subsurface imaging using 2D Resistivity, Induced Polarization and Gradiometric Magnetics. In over 10 years of operations we have extensively surveyed most placer mining areas in the Yukon and BC. We have compiled a large reference database to aid in comprehensive interpretations that have proven over the years to be exceptionally accurate.

The benefits of subsurface imaging are widely known and utilized in hard rock prospecting, but lack presence in placer prospecting. We are trying to bridge this gap by offering valuable and affordable sediment surveys that provide accurate information on placer targets.

Our client list includes small family operated placer mines, large mining and exploration companies, engineering firms and government. We go beyond simply identifying geological features and target areas, rather we make the effort to help build an understanding of how the structures form and explain their measured values. This allows the client to make future excavation plans based on the formation processes at work.

Our 2D Resistivity surveys use a lightweight, custom-built resistivity measuring system that has been refined to facilitate high mobility and rapid data acquisition in northern terrains. This allows us to work easily and efficiently in remote locations. Site preparation requires only conditional brush clearing while surveys leave no more than a foot path.

We provide tailored reporting for uses including: academic research, private investment and placer assessment work (our geophysical reporting qualifies as a Mining Assessment Report with regulatory bodies).

2D Resistivity for Placer Prospecting
Shown is a series of 2D Resistivity Profiles.
The profiles display a 50m deep cross-section along the survey line.
2D Resistivity utilizes sediment assemblages for subsurface imaging

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