The Boreal GeoSciences Team

Stefan Ostermaier

Photo of Stefan
Geophysicist / Managing Partner

Stefan studied Geology, Chemistry, Agriculture, and Computer Science at separate universities in Germany. With over 10 years' experience interpreting placer specific geophysical surveys, Stefan's abilities in this area are exceptional. He has authored numerous technical and assessment reports for individuals and government. Stefan is the company's R&D Director, having designed our custom cables for the LGM measuring device and provided input into the development of Dr. Armin Rauen's GeoTest software. He spends his summers in the Yukon providing geophysical expertise for the company, travelling home to Germany in the winter to enjoy time with his family.

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Heidi Kulcheski

Photo of Heidi
Operations / Managing Partner

Heidi joined the team in . Her certificates in Administration and Accounting and 20 years' of experience provide the background needed to take care of the financial and administrative work for the company. Heidi is responsible for the companies' operations, she takes care of the quoting and estimating of projects and planning and logistics for the crews. As a born and raised Yukoner she has much knowledge of the Yukon, its industry and people. Heidi is committed to providing excellent client service and her ability to multi task and perform several roles is a big asset in a smaller company. Heidi has immense compassion for all things 4 legged with a special love for rescuing and rehabilitating mastiffs.

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David Storm

Photo of David
Geophysicist / Managing Partner

David is the most recent member of the team, earning his B.Sc in Geophysics from the University of British Columbia in . David has experience planning, managing and conducting resistivity/magnetic surveys in BC, the Yukon and Alaska. He provides expertise in mapping and modelling of datasets using GIS and 3D modeling software. David is a natural problem-solver, able to confidently critique and adjust on the go. He has demonstrated unwavering dedication to each project he undertakes, leaving no rock unturned. He refers to himself as a classic "ski in the winter, golf in the summer" type, with an affinity for pushing the envelope.

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Matthew Grant

Photo of Matt
Field Technician

Matt has completed three years coursework in Environmental Sciences and provides invaluable support to the geophysics team. His strong work ethic, amazing organizational skills and adaptability ensures the success of every project. He has shown a consistent ability to be the calm voice of reason and possibilities in any situation. Matt's is an outdoor sport enthusiast, capitalizing on any chance to journey into the wilderness.

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